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Medium, Medical Intuit, Alchemist & PLR

The Jennifer Rogers Experience


Through Jennifer's connection to the earth, stars and spiritual planes - she will uncover the truths that lie within you. In sessions, she will listen, interpret and empower. Jennifer provides you with life specific guidance as well as connections with loved ones from the other side. She will focus all the elements of you in one powerful session that will heal and inspire. There are many benefits of enlightenment - but the greatest gift you may receive is finding inner peace and a positive path in life. Her work as a Spiritual Alchemist and Medium are all grounded in finding the answers you are looking for to life's questions. 

Enlightening Services

Private Office Session

Visit Jennifer's office and lab located in Warwick, New York. Just located off Route 87—the serene landscape and beautiful countryside are connected to powerful energy of the past. You will receive all the power of a home session, but in Jennifer's private domain. 

Private Home Session

Get the Jennifer Rogers Private Experience in the comfort of your home. Be amazed as she connects to the other side and delivers powerful and life changing messages, providing comfort, closure and healing any negative energy within. Jennifer is an extremely positive Energy Worker and will never deliver negative messages. Everything negative can be turned into positive. She is a true believer in Karma and the balance of life. 

Private Phone Session

Jennifer's gifts and visions connect with someone no matter where they may be. If she channels your energy, she can advise you from any location internationally. Have a life changing phone conversation and receive the same extraordinary guidance that you would in person. 

Healing Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be a very successful technique to help heal the mind, body and spiritual aspects of life. By directing the subconscious mind to focus energy on a specific system in the body, more of your natural resources will go there. Hypnosis can have profound effects such as minimizing or eliminating pain, help you quit smoking, assist in weight reduction, managing stress, improving confidence, and overcome fears/phobias. Talk to Jennifer about about the many benefits of hypnosis and how she can help you heal your mind and body. 

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a technique that uses an energy exchange to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It is often tied to beliefs about reincarnation, though religious traditions that incorporate reincarnation generally do not include the idea of repressed memories of past lives. It is a spiritual journey where Jennifer can help you uncover your past lives through a recorded session. Discover who you were, what you’ve done, where you lived, when it all took place and how you evolved to the person you are today. These answers can hold the key to the approaches and stumbling blocks of your current life… unleashing the answers to a more peaceful existence. 

Sage Cleansing & Blessing

A sage cleansing ritual is a way to remove any negative energies that might be lurking in your space. This is especially useful when...

~Moving into a new house/office

~There has been a lot of negativity in your life

~You've had a run of bad luck

~You sense an unwelcome energy or presence

~You feel heavy, dark or lethargic energy.

In fact, it's wonderful to do a cleansing ritual regularly. You will notice a difference in the feel of your space and general smoothness in your life! Negative energies have a habit of collecting in our living spaces and affecting our lives. 


You have a variety of ways to connect with Jennifer and experience her abilities as she guides you through your past, present, and future. Stay connected and visit Jennifer on Facebook to stay up to date with promotions, upcoming workshops, retreats and events or just to receive a daily dose of inspiration!

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