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Medium, Medical Intuit, Alchemist & PLR

Private Events & Weddings


Private Events & Gatherings

Looking for a different and unique theme for your next party? Plan an extraordinary "experience" event for family, friends, or coworkers - Jennifer is available to attend private events, providing sessions to your guests. Each person will receive a private session in a quiet area away from the main party. Time with each guest is determined by the amount of people attending. Perfect for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties, or simply a fun night with friends! (Maximum 20 people can visit her at an in-home event. Sessions tend to be 20-30 minutes per guest.) Make it an affair to remember with Jennifer as your special guest with:

  • - Personal Friends
  • - Co-Workers/Company Parties
  • - Wedding Receptions
  • - Showers
  • - Birthdays
  • - Graduations
  • - Anniversaries
  • - Family Gatherings/Reunions
  • - Surprise Parties
  • - Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Cermonies & Celebrations

Jennifer Rogers is a licensed pastor and can officiate any service. Add a more spiritual level to your wedding, soul connection ceremony, civil union, baptism, or soul celebration of self. 

Workshops & Events

Starting in October, The Alchemy Lab will be offering a variety of holistic workshops for your own private group only. Included will be Life Energy Balance Seminars for individuals or groups promoting positive energy techniques to reduce stress and life a healthy life. We will personalize it just for you. Even if that means drinking wine all weekend. This is your weekend. RELAX & RENEW! 

Current Promotions & Deals

 You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to have Jennifer Rogers a guest at your home! Fly her in and she will entertain all weekend long. Your guest will be amazed. You will be the talk of all the parties. I can predict that for sure!

The YOU Retreat

The only retreat that centers around you and your lifestyle. If that means laying on the couch and talking it out all weekend or sky diving and screaming to the hill tops. We do it all. Jennifer is just the magic piece to your puzzle. Forget these new age BS retreats. Let's do it the old fashioned way. 

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Are you ready to be guided back to YOU?

There is always something new and exciting brewing at the Alchemy Lab. Check us out daily on Facebook for inspiration and to stay current on all deals & promotions or to see where Jennifer will be next. Email us to book your private session, party/event or affair to remember! What are you waiting for!

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Stop by or call ahead. When your spirit calls for a session. I'll be here!

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