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Medium, Medical Intuit, Alchemist & PLR

Meet Jennifer

Born in her new age beliefs, Jennifer has an amazing ability to interpret your energy. Whether it be to detect illness or disease, or help you uncover the life lessons the universe is specifically giving you. Jennifer will help you harness your energy and guide you towards positive life experiences. 

Her talents as a Medical Intuit are extraordinary. Throughout her life, Jennifer has had the uncanny knack of pinpointing disease in the body, most often with extreme accuracy. She has a history of uncovering conditions yet to be discovered by traditional modern medicine during readings and audience cleansings. These findings have been documented and corroborated by her clients. 

Jennifer's amazing abilities have also been validated with her association with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, where she has helped solve over 500 cases. Her very first case at age 15 began her remarkable journey in helping others find peace. On both local and national levels, she has aided in the discovery of many missing persons cases by providing insights where evidence was almost non-existent.    

Her work as a Liaison also extended to helping many families from the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy and families of missing loved ones fighting the war in Iraq.

Whether you are searching for inner peace or the answers to questions unknown - let Jennifer help you unravel the mysteries you seek and move in a positive direction.

Watch Jennifer Rogers on "The Real Housewives of NYC"

Jennifer's findings as a Medical Intuit have been documented and corroborated by her clients. "She definitely, without a doubt, saved my Bobby's life…"
– Jill Zarin, Star of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of NYC". See what she has to say by watching:

The Alchemy Lab


Come visit one of the nation's first Spiritual Alchemy Labs...

Lotions, potions, and all Jennifer's favorite things come to life in her New Age Alchemy Lab. At the lab Jennifer will help you customize a perfect mix of natural remedies to achieve your goals to change your negative into positive. Purchase anything you need to cleanse your soul and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

The perfect ESSENTIAL OIL candles,bug spray, home cleansing kits, sage cleansing kits, and energy tools are all at your fingertips. And along the way you can purchase her favorite things in the universe all in one boutique retail location at MEADOWCREST IN WARWICK NY. A beautiful collection of jewelry and fashion accessories—including the universe inspired designs presented by East Coast Alchemy. You can have your ruling planet or constellation in rose or rhodium silver—all hand crafted in Italy. Jennifer's collection of cosmic goodies are all there for you to have and enjoy.

What is Spiritual Alchemy?

A spiritual alchemist is a person who seeks spiritual direction, spiritual connection, and spiritual growth by embarking on a fearless, joyful and lifelong path to self-knowledge. Many traditions teach that spiritual connection comes through transcending the self by the blending of self and specific elements our great Universe provides. The underlying premise of spiritual alchemy, however, is that we connect with the divine, or through Jennifer Rogers unique gift as your own personal connector or Medium. We learn to come to understand the true essence of our spiritual abilities that lie within us, and the greatest gift she will provide will be protecting and cleansing our spirit. 

Instead of transcending the self, we aim to know the self - our whole self, the parts of our being that we prefer to deny. We need to look fearlessly into our inner mirror and acknowledge the opposite (and perhaps not very flattering) impulses that live within us. Only then, by integrating and balancing these opposing impulses, can we grow emotionally and spiritually to the point where we can hear the wisdom and guidance of our soul.

A spiritual alchemist, then, is someone who is not afraid to show you how to look in that mirror - that is, someone who knows that true freedom comes from self-knowledge. A spiritual alchemist models his or her quest on the beliefs of the ancient alchemists, who believed that everything they did in this earthly world paralleled what was occurring "above" in the divine world. Their belief was "as above, so below". When they attempted to turn base metals into pure ones, many were equally attempting to do the same with their souls. Wearing, holding or placing these metal stones and crystals will also bring you that connection. 

Spiritual alchemists are essentially people who yearn to deepen their connection to the "above" - to the divine - and who are willing to take the risk of being their own person, no matter what the cost, "below" in their desire to maintain that connection.

In brief, spiritual alchemy is a path of authenticity and integrity. As a practice, it is joyous. The greater our compassionate self-knowledge, the closer we come to being able to connect with our purest source of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity.

What follows are some musings of my own, which I hope will stimulate your interest in spiritual alchemy and in its benefits for all seekers of self-knowledge and connection with the divine. You will come to understand, "Everything happens for a reason and it's up to you too seek out the lessons".