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Medium, Medical Intuit, Alchemist & PLR


All you need to do is listen and BELIEVE

All you need to do is Listen & *Believe*

Positive. Powerful. Life Changing.

Jennifer Rogers is more than a Medium—she is a Spiritual Alchemist who will help you understand yourself and the world around you. Her extraordinary gifts will transcend the periphery of your existence to uncover the answers you seek of yesterday, today and tomorrow. From your neighbor to celebrities—to various government agencies—Jennifer has been using her unique skills to help others for the past 20 years. Named Marie Claire Magazine's Top Medium & Celebrity Psychic 2011, 2012...her amazing psychic abilities have garnered her a national following, inspiring  others to embrace her approach on healing one's energy and bringing them  from darkness to light.  


Change your mind and the universe will follow.


My mission is to reach out to as many people as possible helping you find the balance and renewal in the spiritual energy that suppresses you from reaching your full potential. I believe you achieve that balance through cleansing your spirit and releasing negativity. Most importantly, I advocate loving yourself and surrendering control to the powers of the universe that guide us all. 

Balance your life. Balance your soul.


Journey through your time & Space


The Jennifer Rogers Experience Awaits You...Just *Believe*

Private Events and VIP sponsored events


Invite every souls that you love to your own table or to one of Jennifer's private event locations. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your groups experience of connecting to departed loved ones or hearing that your path is heading in a positive direction. Book Jennifer for an event or party—an experience to remember! Known to be like no other! 

Sage Cleansing & Blessings


Jennifer Rogers Sages and cleansing's are like no other. Each bundle of sage has gone through deep grounding rituals, connected to each one of our solstice's, natural events and moon cycles, Jennifer's smudging rituals open portals connected to your own personal space. Walk into a "fresh start" through her pure love intention cleansing that will brighten your surrounding energetic space and clear your space's negative icons that linger. Welcome yourself into your new home or office and allow Jennifer and her team of gifted light workers to release all negative energies and vibrations connected to the past. Also, enjoy a home sage kit for smoke baths or other cleansing teaching your will find in her upcoming book. 



See what everyone is saying about Jennifer. 

Magical.     Life changing.   Our hidden gem.           

Powerful.  Comforting.  The greatest! 

 She will change yours and the ones you love lives. 

It is truly and experience you will never forget.


Jennifer is busy at work writing a "TELL ALL" book.....SIGN SIGNS EVERYWHERE ARE SIGNS!




VIP personal session directly to your doorstep!

Jennifer has many exclusive locations throughout the world. Please let us know where you want her to appear and she will be there.  She'll stay for the weekend and entertain all your guests!

The Alchemy Lab


Spiritual Alchemy is the process of transforming something common into something magical. Tuning into love transmission and divine source's powerful energy, Jennifer will allow your soul to rise into it's most peaceful purpose. 

Meet Jennifer


Recharge, revive, and renew your life. Have her help you uncover the answers you seek. Learn more about her gifts and beliefs. 

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Jennifer Rogers

127 State Route 94 S, Warwick, New York 10990, United States


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